Golf Teams

  • Teams will be sold to the highest bidders.
  • There are no refunds for teams. (Unless Tournament is canceled due to weather)
  • Once bought, a team owner may (but is not obligated to) re-sell any portion of his ownership.
  • Often times the owner will sell back a percentage of his team to the players to create a performance incentive

Prize Money

The pay off for the (team auction) will be as follows

  • 1st place wins 50% of the pot.
  • 2nd place wins 25% of the pot.
  • 3rd place wins 15% of the pot.
  • 4th place wins 10% of the pot.

Giant Skins Game

Cost: $120 per team.

Payback: 100% pay back.

  • The skin game is optional. {Please see Dave “Ace” Larson for advice and a history of the skins.}
  • In order to win a skin, a foursome will have a better score on any given hole than every other foursome.
  • If there are no skins, the team with the most Eagles wins entire skins pot. If there is a tie for the most Eagles, the remaining team with the most birdies wins, and if there is a tie for birdies the skins game will be settled with a sudden death playoff